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Capital Markets Communications

The value and valuation of a company are not necessarily one and the same. Value does not exist in itself, instead depending on the circumstances, changing from time to time. The usual key financial indicators are not the only contributing factors. We also have to take perceived future prospects, quality of management, general market environment into account whilst considering much more. Time is of the essence; investors, analysts, banks, and other market participants have to be able to understand - within a very short time - what the ‘right’ value of the company is.

dv raute Our services

  • We develop an equity narrative and strategy
  • We position your brand in the capital market
  • We analyse the shareholder base (Shareholder ID)
  • We expand the shareholder base through targeting institutional investors
  • We benchmark investor relations
  • We meticulously monitor analyst perception and/or investor sentiment (perception studies)
  • We conduct stakeholder mapping and monitoring
  • We offer coaching and training for IR professionals and top management